ANR Mistic: Models, Inference and Synthesis for Texture In Color

About ANR Mistic

This project intends to develop new approaches and conceptual methodology to set up a theoretical sound framework for texture modeling. Texture analysis is a fundamental problem in image processing with numerous fields of applications in medical imaging, computer graphics or data based indexation and classification. The original proposed work forms an interface between different fields of expertise : probability and statistics, image and signal processing, computer science and automation. We will mainly focus on statistical descriptors of textures with a specificity for vectorial data treatment. One of the project’s main objectives is that the features statistics computed from the texture may be described and connected to statistical properties of vector-valued parametric random fields for color imaging in both continuous and discrete setting. The questions about the characterizations of the features as well as the synthesis process from the identified models are core issues.

Project reference: ANR-19-CE40-005 MISTIC